How to prepare English for SSC CGL

Every year Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the Combined Graduate Exam. SSC CGL written examination comprises of four level exams, I, II III and IV. Pattern of examination is as follows:

Levels of Exam

Sr No. Exam Exam Mode
1 Tier I Online objective
2 Tier II Online objective
3 Tier III Offline (Pen &Paper)
4 Tier IV Document Verification and Computer Proficiency Test

Tier I

Sr. no Subject No. of
1 General Intelligence 25 50   60 min
2 Quantitative Aptitude 25 50
3 English 25 50
4 General Knowledge 25 50

Note-I: In Tier-I there will be negative marking of 0.50 for each wrong answer.

Tier II

Sr No. Exam Exam Mode
1 Paper I: Quantitative Aptitude 120 Minutes
2 Paper II: English Language and
3 Paper III: Statistics
4 Paper IV: General Studies (Finance
and Economics)

Note-II: In Tier-II, there will be negative marking of 0.25 for each wrong answer in Paper-II (English Language and Comprehension) and of 0.50 marks for each wrong answer in Paper-I, Paper-III and Paper-IV.

Tier III

Note-III: In Tier-II, Paper-I and Paper-II are compulsory for all the posts.

Tier Mode of
Scheme of
      III Pen and
Paper  mode
Descriptive Paper in English or Hindi
writing of Essay/
Précis/ Letter/
Application etc.)
        100 60 Min

After analysing whole pattern of SSC, we see English is the important section of SSC. For thorough preparation, smart work is required along with hard work. We provide complete syllabus of English for SSC CGL Let’s revise all the topics to see how we will prepare for it. Topics are as follows:

  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence improvement
  • Comprehension
  • Sentence Correction
  • Error Detection
  • Idioms and phrases
  • One word substitution
  • Spelling mistake
  • Improvement of sentences
  • Active/ passive voice of verbs
  • Conversion into direct/ indirect narration
  • Shuffling of sentence parts
  • Shuffling of sentences in a passage
  •  Cloze passage

English Language is considered one of the most important sections of the Competitive Exams and also the most scoring. Scoring in this section is not as easy, so you really need to prepare hard. After analysing previous year question papers, you can easily understand which topic you need to focus on. Since English is a language it cannot be learned overnight, consistency is must. Here we are providing some tips for preparing English for staff selection commission:

Tips for Preparing English for Staff Selection Commission

  • You need to revise the rules of grammar. Solving previous year papers gives you clear idea what kind of questions SSC examiner is framing.
  • Make habit to learn new words daily from newspaper.
  • You have to revise the assessment which you have done in the class room or in book. Make your habit to revise the topics that you have done and keep it on your finger.
  • It is very important to analyse your weak area so that you can focus on it. Give more time to the study of the subject or topic that you are having difficulty with.
  • Try to maintain class notes by creating summary notes. Spot the key terms and concepts and make sure that you understand them.
  • Time management is the important factor of any competitive exam. For time management you have to practice Mock Test and daily quiz.
  • At last, Practice does not make you perfect. Only perfect practice makes you perfect, so put your all attention on your exam.

Wish you all the best!!!

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